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    "I started our son with electric guitar lessons over three years ago, and he has not lost one bit of enthusiasm yet!  Not only does Cory teach music theory and note reading, he adds in songs of the students' choosing.  This has created a fun atmosphere to inspire our son to practice and not become bored.  Our son wants to learn to play better.  Our son has played solos, in groups with other students, and in groups with a full band, singer and all!  Wauwatosa School of Music is everything a parent could ask for!"  

                                                            -Sandra Zach 

    "We are so happy with Cory's style and philosophy of teaching music! Our daughter loves playing and has been taking lessons for two years now. She is motivated to learn through her favorite songs, has grown through performances, and is now doing some amazing things with her own song writing and musical experimentation!"

                                                            -Amy Kirby